310 Trench Mortar

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This was the first time Li Du had attended a silent auction. It was a new and refreshing experience.

The auction was a lot quieter and definitely faster than the usual ones he attended. Everyone swiftly took their turns to view the units and then estimated the worth, or discussed it with their team, before deciding on the bid price. They would then write it down on the bid sheet and slip it into the designated box.

Li Du had no intention to win the first four units; he wrote a low offer on the bid sheets.

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When they reached the fifth unit, Li Du adopted a serious attitude toward it. The stout cannon inside seemed to be worth a lot; he used the little bug’s "Relive the Past" ability so he could derive a more reasonable bid price.

The scene then changed before him. The first thing he saw was the cannon being assembled and placed inside a warehouse. The warehouse contained at least a dozen other cannons that all looked exactly the same.

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