1214 Trap Within a Trap

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His words caused the tension at the scene to loosen up.

Then the treasure hunters glanced at Eagle Beak Blade, who looked as though he was going mad. They waited for him to make his bid.

Hearing Li Du's words, Eagle Beak Blade really looked like he was crazy. His wide face went red, his eyes were bloodshot, and he resembled an angry bull.

The auctioneer looked to him, but Eagle Beak Blade's face remained solemn and he stayed silent.

Just like that, the bidding ended at the sum of five hundred and ten thousand US dollars. The auctioneer pointed at George Anthony, gesturing that the warehouse now belonged to him.

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Some of the treasure hunters were rather disappointed and sighed, "I thought that we would be able to see a warehouse being auctioned at one million."

"This is not some army warehouse auction. One million? That's too much!"

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