872 Trap inside a Trap

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There were many things the government had reserved, and these things filled 120 warehouses, both large and small. Li Du spent a whole day looking around.

There were too many warehouses and not enough time. He couldn't use the little bug's ability to turn back time indefinitely, so he had to take a quick look and couldn't be in control of the whole situation. Even so, after looking around, he thought the situation was quite optimistic. There were several warehouses that were very good, and he could earn a lot if he bid on them.

On July 1st, he spent half a day in his hotel, and then after lunch, he drove with Hans to the seat of the state capital to attend the conference.

Arizona's budget deficit was a bit high, and the state was probably in a hurry to take every opportunity to make money. They looked upon this auction as such an opportunity and invited many media outlets to cover it.

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