1015 Tradition

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Li Du returned to the camp. Remonin was also back.

Most of the deceased soldiers were from the Gold Grass tribe. As the leader of the tribe, he was responsible for handling the process of the entire funeral.

According to their tradition, before burial, the Golden Grass tribe would send representatives to look for a fortune teller that they did not know from afar, which was an African shaman, to have them search for the souls of the deceased and bring them back to where they belonged. 

They believed that the soul would wander on the grassland after a person passed away. The shaman searched for the soul so it could be buried with its body. The reason they did not approach shamans for divination was that they had to go through the shaman to find the cause of death.

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Li Du was confused when he heard this. As he listened to Remonin's explanation, he blankly said, "Cause of death? Weren't they shot dead? Weren't they warriors who died in the war?"

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