647 Trace of Machine

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Seeing that the security officers and staff were also present, Li Du knew that things were going to be problematic.

Hence, faced with the hunter's accusation, he said listlessly, "I'm not God. How am I to know what's gonna happen every day?"

The gem hunters started yelling:

"Stop acting, buddy! Do you not dare to admit what you have done? Behave like a man!"

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"F*ck, are you comparing yourself to God? You're insulting us Christians!"

"What a good actor–how about you quit being a hunter and go Hollywood to be a star?!"

Since the start of his career as a treasure hunter, Li Du had been the target of suspicion and bullying by his American counterparts. It was to be expected, since he was an outsider competing for a piece of the pie. It was hard to fathom why they would show him any courtesy at all.

Since then, he had learned not only how not to rely on these people, but also how to retaliate.

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