1236 Town

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People respected Sophie, not only because of Li Du but also because Sophie would take care of them when they went out.

For example, before getting on the bus this time, Sophie gave them yogurt and recommended them to drink more yogurt on the road and less soda. Such a long journey was not very good for the stomach, and yogurt could subdue road sickness.

It was easier to drive with more people, and there would be no inertia fatigue. The 250 kilometers drive took only two hours.

The convoy entered the town at sunset.

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The town of FortDavis was really small. As far as Li Du knew, only about two thousand people lived there. There were more inhabitants in his hometown.

Nevertheless, it was a small town equipped with all kinds of facilities and even a large library.

Li Du noticed the library because the hotel they booked was right next to it.

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