994 Tough Guy

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Facing the smiling Commander Good, the bald black man that had been rough along

the way changed his attitude. He looked at Li Du imploringly, his knees trembling faintly

as if he were going to kneel.

After a short silence, Li Du said faintly, "Oh, no, your people are very good, I am quite


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Commander Good nodded his head in satisfaction and said, "Very well. I was afraid

these clumsy boys would get on your nerves. You are my honored guest, after all."

Then he looked back at the bald man and said, "You've done a good job."

The bald man squared his shoulders and saluted. "It's my duty, Commander."

Commander Good said, "And the other thing? Have you killed Remonin in this raid?"

The bald black man shivered. He looked at the old man with fearful eyes and

murmured. "So sorry, Commander. I tried my best, but it was all in chaos. I am not sure.

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