594 Tough Decision

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Li Du was feeling dizzy from the four of them quarreling among themselves. He regretted not listening to the African-American driver earlier and not choosing another jewelry shop to sell the gemstones to.

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Americans sure knew how to disgrace each other. He was waiting there to do business with Roger when the other three decided to sabotage it on the spot.

It was apparent that the deal was off. Harry Winston was definitely facing financial problems and from what the other three had said, they did not have enough money for a bulk gemstone procurement.

It was a little unbelievable to him as Harry Winston was a major brand in the luxury goods industry. Of course, they sold mainly jewelry and gemstones and hence, was not comparable to the giant brands like LV and Dior, which sold all sorts of luxury goods.

Nonetheless, their market share was worth at least a billion dollars and they could not spare a few million?

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