1090 Top Tactic

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As the second warehouse was opened up for viewing, Hans exchanged a look with Li Du. He said, "That idiot has set his eyes on us and will be following us, should we get rid of him?"

There was a reason why treasure hunters did not follow other people's bids without a reason. Although they knew that some treasure hunters had good foresight and timely and accurate information, they did not follow blindly. That was because they knew some people were more scheming and cunning than others. If they fell into a trap, they would be doomed.

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Unless they were prepared to take a high risk, most treasure hunters would still rely on their own foresight and make their bids in a more grounded manner.

Li Du shook his head and said in a low voice, "That dude is very smart, he would not be fooled so easily. Let's try later. I will give it a shot."

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