326 Time to Shoot

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The auction was divided into two parts, and there was a ten-minute break after the first half.

Li Du and Dr. Sophie were walking out to get some fresh air. At this moment, Marate blocked them, saying, "Buddy, are you here for our charity auction?"

"Of course. You’ve already seen us. I’ve been sitting here the whole time." Li Du didn’t know what Marate wanted, but he knew that he was intending to bother him

"Oh, really?" Marate laughed with contempt. "I thought you were just here to eat our lunch." Then, he shrugged and gave Li an understanding expression, saying, "Sure. It’s okay that you’re here to eat—the theme of the day is charity."

Hearing this, Sophie replied discontentedly, "Marate, watch your words. You’re purposely provoking us, aren’t you? Why are you so impolite?"

Marate was not the only person who liked to provoke people. This was the culture of the USA.

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