627 Thunderbolt

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Fortunately, he was not that unlucky. These people weren't there to kidnap him.

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But he wasn't that lucky, either. They were there to rob him. "Get out! Get out of the car! Give us your wallet and the mobile phone. Hurry up!"

"I swear if you have less than 2,000 bucks in your wallet, you're dead! What kind of jewelry do you have on? Take it off!"

"F*ck, there's a stunning babe in there. Guys, come see. This babe's quite a looker."

Li Du was quick on his feet. When he saw them coming, he retreated back into the car and locked the doors. They could show their aggression outside the car but they couldn't touch them.

However, he was still in a terrible situation. The windshield had turned gray so he couldn't see anything. He couldn't drive off, either. An accident could happen since he couldn't see the roads clearly.

Being the excellent surgeon that she was, Sophie appeared to be calm as the situation became more critical.

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