798 Threw Out a Joey

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Two thudding sounds sound could be heard, one after the other. Almost immediately afterward, the exclamations of the people in the group filled the air.

Knowing that being hit with the immense force of an adult kangaroo would surely kill him, the old man closed his eyes and awaited death.

Despite that, after a short wait the old man realized that he was safe and unharmed, and hence, opened his eyes. Instead of seeing a red kangaroo in front of him, he saw that the red kangaroo that had rushed towards him earlier was currently on the ground with blood gushing out of its neck.

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Ah Ow had knocked the red kangaroo aside and had bitten it on the neck.

Although the red kangaroo was very strong and was struggling to get back up, the deep cut on its neck was causing its life force to rapidly slip away. Consequently, when it turned around and tried to flee, it was not able to hop as quickly as before.

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