563 Three-Stone Stove

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Li Du gave a peculiar look and asked, "You know me?"

Owen matter-of-factly replied, "How could I not know the millionaire amongst treasure hunters? I also know you possess extraordinary observation skills. That's why you will have a great harvest here."

Li Du grinned. "With your blessing, I hope so."

Owen earnestly said, "I am not joking. You are an X-Man. Your abilities are meant for searching gemstones and not for storage unit auctions."

"I am here looking for gemstones now. Hopefully, I won't let you down."

After a brief exchange between the two, Owen gave him a rundown of the local situation that included which areas produced high-quality fire opals, which areas produced the most fire opals and which areas had already been searched by others.

Owen's enthusiastic and sincere attitude, which left a great impression on Li Du, could have been a result of his desire to do business with him.  

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