791 Three Small Creatures Pulling the Boats

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Li Du waved and said, "How come you all came back? Didn't you all have to help Christie with her divorce procedure?"

Hans laughed and said, "It's over. The wimp, Brooks, doesn't even have to go to court. He immediately surrendered once I asked my lawyer to call him."

"That simple?" Li Du wondered.

Hans shrugged and said, "The bastard didn't dare to go to court because his domestic violence was against the law. He hurt Christie. Once he goes to court, he will have to go to prison."

"How about the division of property? This is not something that can be done in a short time, is it?" Lu Guan asked.

Hans said, "It was also done quickly. Brooks gave Christie five million Australian dollars from his property. He kept his father's permit, and the family fund went mainly to Christie."

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"Five million dollars, that bastard is rich." Big Quinn whistled.

"What black gold abalone fisherman is not wealthy?" asked Hans.

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