948 This is South Africa

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Helicopters could not fly into the mine. Otherwise, the rotor would spin out an airflow in the mine that would disperse the dust and cause a sandstorm. Five or six kilometers from the mine, an open area had been cleared for helicopters to land on, and two SUVs with large base tires waited quietly there for them.

Li Du looked at the logo. Both of the SUVs were also Chinese brands. Lion Hunter noticed his eyes and smiled. "Made in China. We have a lot of Chinese goods here. Chinese goods are cheap and durable. Who doesn't like them?"

Li Du responded with a smile. This was a recognition toward Chinese products.

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They got off the plane to get on the car when a group of black people rushed out from nowhere. They emerged suddenly and no one knew where they had been hiding. They were old men and children, thin, ragged, and poorly dressed.

As they ran out, they shouted to Lion Hunter:

"Give us back our fields, sir! We have no food!"

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