113 This Is Probability Theory

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Upon hearing the underlying meaning in Boss's words, the three young men were curious. "What does that tattoo symbolize?"

Frank was about to answer when he bumped into the waiting Carl and Rambis.

On seeing four black men, Rambis asked hurriedly, "Hello, friends. You acted very quickly—how did you manage to deal with them in such a short amount of time?"

Carl also had doubts in his mind, but he didn't want to openly confront the four strong men. He came up with a strategy to avoid the subject. "Shut up, Rambis. Collison, naturally, has his own way—he is a ruthless one."

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Rambis said excitedly, "Right, right, right—Boss Collison is definitely formidable. But I bet you guys gave those two sons of b*tches a bashing. Maybe you left your marks on their faces using knives?"

As he said this, he made the throat-cutting gesture in front of the face of Frank, who looked at him with narrowed eyes and an icy glare.

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