392 This Is My Territory

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Upon hearing Li Du’s words, the few treasure hunters were instantly delighted. "Really?"

Hans shrugged. "What Li Du said."

Li Du nodded. "Everyone, let’s get ready. First, we’ve heard news that there are valuable electronic items in the units. Take note of these things and pay attention if you see them."

Since he had no interest in the storage units this time due to their low value, he might as well do them a favor and share some news—he should not be the only one benefitting all the time.

The treasure hunters nodded, with confident looks on their faces.

Frank had noticed the change in the treasure hunters’ moods and sniggered, "What assurance have you guys gotten? Seems like you’re all happy about something."

Li Du could not be bothered with him; a response would definitely result in a war of words. The war of words could mean nasty comments, which could lead to a meaningless fight.

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