1275 This is for Family

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Brother Wolf did not simply cut off the fingers of Jonas Malone. Li Du realized then that the elites trained by the military must not be trifled with. Otherwise, if they were provoked…

Initially, Brother Wolf had said that he would cause Jonas Malone to lose a finger. Not just Li Du, but everyone else thought that meant he would only cut off a finger. Now they shuddered with horror.

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Like a craftsman, Brother Wolf carefully and attentively sliced off all the meat and ligaments from Jonas Malone's thumb.

All the while, blood flowed out profusely. From time to time, Brother Wolf would clean off the blood with ice water. At the same time, he had tied up Jonas Malone's wrist to stop the blood from reaching his fingers and dripping.

Jonas Malone was in agony and fear. He shrieked, "I'll tell, I'll tell you, I'll confess everything. I swear it, don't torture me, ahhhhhh!"

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