735 Thief

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Li Du could swim well and had good skills in the water, which was one of the reasons he dared to go into the sea.

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But to be on the safe side, he wore an active life jacket.

This life jacket was usually close-fitting on the body like tights. If there was danger, Li Du could open a valve in the front of the life jacket. There would be a chemical reaction inside causing the life jacket to inflate and float to the surface.

When he was ready, he put on his diving goggles and dove into the water. The feeling of coldness wrapped around him. After all, it was autumn in Australia, and the water was still cold.

He dove into the water and with the strength of his body forged by the little bug, he dove down to the bottom of the sea and found a gray and white reef. In the reef, he found a shiny looking abalone.

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