426 There's No Misunderstanding

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the front entrance of Glen Canyon Storage, more than ten white teenagers were sitting on their motorcycles. These people hadn't come to attend the auction. They were tattooed, looking very fierce; they might as well have also tattooed "I Am A Villain" on their foreheads.

The white security guard was their lead. He was walking back and forth furiously in front of them, like a grumpy bull.

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A teenager with a nose ring looked irritated. He said, "Pickel, why can't you fu*king sit down. You're making me upset."

Pickel was the security guard that Hans had blown the whistle on. "I can't sit down," he said. "I can't calm down. God d*mn it, I have a rumbling volcano in my body."

"Go masturbate—let the volcano erupt!" His words made all the other teenagers on their motorcycles laugh.

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