978 There’s Shark

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Li Du was treading water quickly on both feet, keeping his body roughly afloat.

Ah Meow could swim, although he didn't like the water after falling in. He flopped his

four paws in disgust but swam decently.

Ah Ow pounded from the back, jumping out of the water like a dolphin.

Ah Meow was looking up and saw with horror a dark cloud over his head. Then, the

cloud crashed on him!


With a muffled sound and a big splash, Ah Ow landed on Ah Meow.

Ah Ow was still floating on the surface, happily swimming like a dog, but Ah Meow was

far from happy!

On the deck, Ali took a gulp of water and was amused to see this: Ah Ow, this stupid

wolf, wasn't aiming, and could crash into anyone.

A few seconds later, Ah Meow emerged from the water, struggling to keep his head

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above the surface and opening his mouth to cough.

An interesting detail about tiger cats was that they coughed by spitting rather than

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