183 Then Let’s Bet

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The people betting with him sighed with regret and disappointment. The two pretty ladies anxiously stood on their toes. "D*mmit, why did we lose?"

"Hey, have you girls seen that friend of mine?" Li Du asked.

The redhead’s eyes widened. "Which friend?"

Li Du pointed to the seat that Lin Ping had been sitting on. "This one. The one that was with me placing the bets. Where did he go?"

The redhead said with a serious look, "What are you saying? When was there anyone here? Didn’t you come here by yourself? The one placing those bets was you, wasn’t it?"

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The blondie said as well, "Yeah, mister, did you lose too much, and now you’re not in the right mind? You’ve been betting by yourself this whole time."

Li Du rubbed his chin and looked at the girls, saying with a smile, "Stop joking, where did my friend go?"

"We don’t know what you’re talking about." The redhead shrugged with an innocent expression.

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