760 The Yacht’s Shadows

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King Island, which contributed over 60 percent of the black gold abalone output each year, was surrounded by a continuous stretch of black gold abalone rich areas.

As such, there were usually a lot of black gold abalone harvesters on King Island. Due to this, most of the black gold abalones in the surrounding shallow waters had been harvested and hence, harvesting a black gold abalone was not easy.

Soon after Li Du drove the yacht out of the harbor and into the sea, he encountered a few black gold abalone harvesters. Surprisingly, one of the harvesters was Cruz.

After both parties exchanged greetings, Cruz walked over and said, "Heard that you guys encountered scammers?"

Li Du replied, "We have indeed encountered scammers. Look, there's a speedboat at the back of my boat. It's compensation from them."

"Why are you guys going out to sea now? Not for sightseeing, right?" Cruz asked. "I heard, mate, your harvesting permit was lost by the scammers?"

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