436 The Wrong Lonesome Road

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Li Du and the rest were about to get into the Iron Knight; they had wanted to rent a car but the rental car business had not survived in the small town. So they had no choice but to drive the truck.

In addition to the items from the storage units, the truck was also stuffed with some old-fashioned accessories and handmade decorative items.

Seeing these messy items, Dickens asked, "Boss Li, are you in the storage auction business all the time?"

Li Du did not catch his joke. "What do you mean?"

Dickens laughed, "I mean, you bring along this old stuff even when you are on vacation?"

Li Du pointed at Hans. "His idea, nothing to do with me."

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Everyone looked at Hans curiously. Olly asked, "Why did you bring this stuff? Old-style weaving machine? What's that? Hay cutter? Where did you get these antiques?"

Hans chuckled, "You ask me why. I ask you: where will we be after passing Lake Powell? Who used to previously own Lake Powell?"

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