1305 The World Above And Below

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The island's mountains were located in a central area. The border zones were coastal plains. The narrow plains were covered with moss and lichens, and occasionally some arctic foxes and lemmings could be spotted.

Arctic foxes and lemmings were small animals and were not affected by the fog. Hence, they acted as normal.

The fog had been floating very densely above the land and the sea. Steve sighed. "The world is so big, abnormalities are aplenty. The scale of this sea fog is huge. How big do you guys think is the area it covers?"

"Might be the entire island," Li Du said casually.

The car continued on the path for some time until they arrived at a swamp. Driver felt that something was not right as soon as they drove into it. He quickly stepped on the accelerator to turn the car back around.

Hence, all of them had to alight from the car and look for a new path in the surrounding area.

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