554 The World’s Too Small

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As Li Du stood at the entrance of the small garden, Ah Ow scratched her claws against the fence and howled, "Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!"

She could not wiggle through the fence as the gaps were small; probably to prevent animals such as puppies, wild cats, raccoons, and rats from entering.

Li Du carried her in. The moment she entered the garden, she dashed to the front of the kennel, opened her mouth and howled non-stop.

In one leap, Ah Meow landed deftly on the fence and struck a graceful pose. He then dropped to the ground soundlessly, and with two quick steps followed by a leap, ended up on the roof of the kennel.

Hans and the rest crowded around and asked, "The *sshole is here?"

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Tilting his chin toward the kennel, Li Du said, "Just look at Ah Ow. She's been chasing him."

After he spoke, he then shouted in the direction of the kennel. "Hey buddy, come on out. It must be quite suffocating to be hiding in there. Isn't it sort of pointless?"

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