471 The Winged Hussars

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According to the information collected by Li Du, the price of this set of silver armor was roughly pegged at 500,000 US dollars.

Even though this wasn't a small amount and he still wasn't a millionaire, he had no use for the money.

As he hadn't purchased a house or land in America—all he'd done was buy a few vehicles and pay his two employees—he hadn't spent a lot of money. He had more than enough cash.

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After donating to the local museum, he would first earn a reputation with praise from the museum. In the future, if he made the decision to become a citizen, the museum could testify for him.

Secondly, donations were tax deductible. All the while, Big Fox had been the one helping with his tax payments. With their income, the amount of taxes they were going to have to pay would be enormous, and it would be heartbreaking to pay that amount.

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