106 The Wild Chinese Cuisine

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The neck of the pheasant twisted off. Ah Meow immediately began dragging the bird with him. It took the pheasant to Mr. Li, joyfully looking for the reward.

The pheasant had grown beautifully with its red crown and blue neck. There were mixed colors of feathers on its body: yellow, dark and light brown, and purple. Its body was dotted with various spots and it had a long, brown-yellow tail.

Hans saw it and laughed, "We are lucky. We have grilled chicken for our lunch later. This is a rainbow-colored pheasant. The flavor of the wild meat is very delicious."

Li Du threw the pheasant into the bag with the shoots and said, "I am not going to grill it. I will cook you all stewed pheasant with bamboo shoots. Ah Meow, you did a great job! I will give you the drumstick later."

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"Meow meow!" Ah Meow pushed its head in front of Li Du's hand and wanted him to pat on its head before it was willing to leave.

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