451 The Vibrant Red and Green

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After the girls were rejected, they never came back to ask them for another drink.

Instead, a lot of men came over to toast with them, with a respectful attitude. Li Du and the whole group thought it might be inappropriate to refuse their toasts and so they drank bowl after bowl of wine.

As a result more and more toasts kept coming; Li Du broke out in cold sweat looking at the long line of the people waiting to toast with him. He didn't understand why there were so many people, so he asked for help.

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It just so happened that the tribal secretary, Marsali, was beside Li Du. He inquired, "Hi, madam, why does everyone come to us for a toast?"

Marsali chuckled and explained, "Two reasons. First, we Hopis are warm and friendly people. Second, they saw the video of the confrontation you had with the Navajo. They sincerely admire you for that, so they each want to personally give you a toast."

Li Du could not refuse such goodwill.

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