482 The Unusual Cigar Box

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Before Li Du could say anything, Sayder's eyes were drawn to the cigars lying around Li Du. "The Royal Danish Cigar?"

"Yes, seems like you know a lot about cigars. This brand of cigar isn't well-known in America."

The main patrons of Royal Danish Cigars were mainly the rich, including leaders in the Middle East, China, Japan, Korea and some African countries.

In addition, the countries in which it had entered the civilian market were concentrated in northern Europe, such as Denmark, Switzerland, Finland and so on.

"Of course, I do," said Sayder. "I like cigars, I like their charming aroma. This is a good cigar, isn't it?"

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Hans wasted no time in asking, "Can these be put on auction too?"

Sayder shook his head. "Royal Danish Cigars may be relatively a rare sight in the United States, but one can get this thing easily via the internet. The profit from putting them on auction will be small."

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