1276 The Unlucky Manul

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Eventually, Jonas Malone passed out because of shock again.

Luo Qun dropped the dagger and fell into Li Du's arms crying.

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Li Du looked at Steve and said, "Help me send this bastard back to America. Rose will have to go back too, and then we can go to explore the Arctic."

Steve said energetically, "Okay, leave it to me!"

The most important thing was finally accomplished, and Li Du had settled one of his worries. Helping Luo Qun catch the killer of her parents and brother was more important than looking for ivory.

He was lucky, of course, to do both things together, using the tusks from the mammoth graveyard he found to get information on Jonas Malone, whom he was finally able to capture.

The next thing coming up was not under his control. Steve would take charge. With his connections, he could find a way to send Jonas Malone and Luo Qun safely back to the United States.

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