685 The Trio Battle for Food

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There was going to be a dinner that evening, and Li Du wanted to whip up a feast.

In the end, Mrs. Martin stopped him and said, "Men should set up the Christmas tree, while women prepare the Christmas Eve meal. Gotta let the women show what they're made of, right?"

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Sophie, who had been affixing ribbons on the Christmas tree, made a face and giggled, "It's time for me to show what I'm made of, Mom. I remember that I've been preparing the past few years' Christmas Eve dinners already."

Mrs. Martin smiled warmly. "Of course. I've got such a capable daughter, don't I? But I've got to prepare the snacks, which I have always baked, right?"

The turkey was an indispensable dish at Christmas; Mr. and Mrs. Martin had already prepared the ingredients. Sophie was busy working in the kitchen, stuffing the turkey with spices and vegetables.

When Li Du came back from the bathroom, he asked, "Do you need my help?"

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