152 The Trick of the Big Fox

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Hearing his words, Hans ran over immediately. His speed scared Ah Meow and it stared at Big Fox with its big eyes.

He grabbed the album and examined it with excitement. "Yes, this is a good item. The photos are old—I guess they have been around at least 100 years!"

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Li Du said, "Maybe we should find an expert to seek some advice. We can ask him about the times of these old photos. I hope they're worth some money."

Not every old thing was certainly valuable. There were a lot of old photos in the United States, especially in some shops which had been opened for more than hundred years, and in big families. They often kept a lot of old photos.

In addition, there were many old photography studios in the United States. Hans found a photography studio in Flagstaff. He brought Li Du along.

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