244 The Top of The Mountain

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As time had gone by, Li Du had learned more about Luo Qun.

He called the policewoman Luo Qun now. As compared to her English name "Rose," he thought this Chinese name was better, more elegant.

But he doubted himself. Perhaps he shouldn’t call her that—this name was wasted on a girl like her!

When they had first met, Luo Qun was cold and graceful, always looking cool and expressionless. Li Du thought had compared her to an ice princess.

But these impressions were just an illusion. After they got to know each other better, she started to show a different side to her. Thinking about it positively, she was naïve and innocent; thinking about it negatively, she was an absolute lunatic.

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She started acting differently especially after he had given Luo Qun the Frances-autographed poster as a gift. The chemistry between them had grown and Luo Qun started to be herself; she was also acting more like a lunatic.

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