1258 The Thrilling Swamp

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The fish swimming in the river was mainly salmon.

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Salmon were anadromous fish. They would live in rivers and streams for one to five years before swimming out to the sea for the next two to four years. When it came to the spawning period, they would migrate back to their birthplace to lay eggs and complete their life cycle.

The Podkamennaya Tunguska River was one such source for salmon. Salmon usually lived in the river, but most of the salmon present at this time were not fully grown up. The salmon would be the fattest in August when they swam back.

Now the group of people did not care about how fat the salmon was. They had been eating dried meat every day and had not had fresh meat for a long time, so their main concern was about how they would catch the fish.

"Any nets?" Li Du asked.

Steve pulled out a crossbow-like weapon and shook his head. "Who would bring a net to a venture in Siberia? Here's a fish gun, that's more fun!"

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