146 The Things That Are Disappearing

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Li Du couldn’t understand why Thompson was so hostile toward him. Was it because he was close to Sophie? Didn’t that guy know that with his strange temperament, even without Li Du, Sophie would never be with him?

Despite only two encounters, Mr. Li had already grasped what kind of person Thompson was. He was trash, a failure of a human!

He had to keep the questions in his heart for now. After stopping the bleeding for the youth, the ambulance left swiftly toward the hospital to perform the latter part of the surgery.

Li Du didn’t go along, so Hans drove over to fetch him.

Sometime later, Sophie called, and said in a gentle tone, "The operation was a success. The damaged artery has been closed. Li, I want to express my thanks for today."

Li Du said with a smile, "No need for thanks. We worked together to save that man’s life."

Sophie was interested in his surgical expertise, and began asking about the topic.

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