107 The Terrible Job Fair

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In early May, there were no auctions in Flagstaff, therefore, both of them were able to take a break.

On the 12th, the Flagstaff Employment Committee organized a job fair with the local companies. The two of them requested for a booth in advance, seeking for porters.

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Their recruitment requirement was two employees. They would be offered a weekly salary of 400 dollars during the starting probation period. Salary would be increased 25 percent after becoming a regular employee. Meals were provided, but insurance and accommodation were not included.

Li Du drove to the Flagstaff farmers market early in the morning. There was an empty space where tables, chairs, and recruitment posters were being placed to hold the job fair.

After entering the farmers market, Hans shook his head and asked, "Are these guys from the Employment Committee pig-headed? They must be really creative to hold a job fair in the farmers market."

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