333 The Tang Dynasty Chamber of Abundance

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After closing the deal, Hans and Chicano shook hands in parting.

Once they were out of the building, Li Du asked, "Who did you sell the umbrella to? Has the price been settled?"

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He had asked as he felt that Hans was acting uncharacteristically.

It was true that treasure hunters valued their honor and that once a deal had been established, they could not back out.

The deal for the umbrella would normally still be up for negotiation. Under such circumstances, based on Li Du’s understanding of Hans, in order to pick the best buyer, he should have at least found out what Chicano’s offer was.

To answer Li Du’s question, Hans said, "A buyer has been found, but the price has not been set."

Li Du was puzzled. "Then why did you not find out Chicano’s offer?"

Hans pointed at his head. "Bro, the mind is a wonderful thing—"

"Spit it out!"

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