585 The Supper of Friendship

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If this were really a black instead of a fire opal, its value would be significant. In terms of its size, weight, and purity, it could fetch a lot of money.

It wouldn't fetch as much priced like a fire opal—Li Du's estimate of its value was about 100,000 dollars.

Sophie held the opal as though she were carrying a child. She looked at it under the light from the lamp and smiled. "So pretty, It's really pretty. Do you like it?"

"Yes, I do," Li Du said. "It's really beautiful."

Sophie tilted her head in thought. Then, she held the opal out in front of him.

Li Du was puzzled. "Why? Don't you have a box with you?

Sophie said, "I'll give it to you since you like it."

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Li Du broke into laughter. "For me? Haha! Isn't this a gift for your dad?"

Sophie shook her head. "I can go find another one. Since you like this, I'll give it to you."

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