235 The Sunny Beach

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Li Du had seen the conversations in the group chat. A few months ago, they had been worriedly discussing him and seeking news about him. They even asked Su Nan who was in America that could go look for him in Flagstaff.

Later, Su Nan found out that the American University in Flagstaff had closed, then everyone understood why he had not appeared.

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Mr. Li looked to be easy-going and simple, but he was actually a stubborn person. His classmates knew that about him and gradually stopped mentioning him.

He was grateful for his classmates’ thoughts of him and responded: Many thanks for your thoughts, I’ve been busy looking for a job and so did not have time to keep in touch.

Yu Wenjie replied immediately: Luckily you appeared. If you hadn’t, instead of thinking about you, we’d be reading about you!

Song Kaixuan then responded: Don’t talk trash, Old Fish. Don’t let your thoughts wander. Old Li, are you doing well?

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