156 The Stumbling Block

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When they finally checked out to leave Tucson, the owner felt relieved; the past two mornings, Godzilla’s appetite had scared him.

Because of the free breakfast, the owner had not made any money off of the men; in fact, he had lost money during their stay.

After leaving Tucson, they were going to head toward Phoenix.

Li Du asked, "Shall we go home and put the old books on sale first?"

Hans said casually, "They were sold last night. I asked Hannah to take photos and publish them on the eBay, and they sold out quickly."

"So fast?" Li Du was quite surprised.

Hans said, "Of course—you just have to find a suitable buyer through Facebook. Then, you leave them a message with the eBay link. They will find you by themselves."

Li Du admired Hans; he was an expert in selling second-hand goods. Not only good in selling them through different ways and means, he also showed a lot of patience when looking for customers.

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