336 The Storage Unit with An Attic

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Looking at the list of storage companies with plans to hold auctions, Li Du decided to stay in LA for the rest of August. With so many storage units, there would be a lot to gain here.

He gave Godzilla a call to get him to drive over, and to also bring his crossbow along.

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LA was Frank Boll and York’s territory, and he had previously offended these two people—there was bound to be trouble if both parties were to meet.

They woke up bright and early and headed for the first storage company to check if there was anything valuable.

LA, the most populated county in the United States, was a metropolis. With the vastness of the place, it was difficult to move about without a car.

The first storage company was located next to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, and was called "Devout Heart Storage Company." It was average-sized and held more than a hundred storage units.

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