1228 The Square

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Once the dumplings were all rolled, they were cooked.

This was simply done by boiling water in a pot on low heat, and then put the dumplings in.

The white dumplings would sink in the water at first, and then slowly float up and roll according to the boiling water, each of them looking like a snowball.

From the process of making until they were out of the boiling pot, the dumplings didn't stop rolling and rolling.

Once again, the little ones lined up in front of the stove, staring longingly at the pot.

Li Du's mother shook her head helplessly and said, "Your little ones, they are really greedy."

Sophie said, "No, they're not greedy. They haven't even tasted the dumplings yet. How do they know they're delicious?"

Li Du said, "These naughty kids already have the habit to eat what we eat. Who spoiled them?"

"Who else but you?" Li Du's father looked at him.

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