599 The Split

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Li Du gave Hans a puzzled look. Hans flashed him a cheeky grin as he sauntered over to the stairway. Then he asked, "Hey Big Bill, what's going on?"

The big white man he was looking at took a deep breath, then said, "Nothing's going on. This is where treasure hunters from Arizona gather and as you can tell, we don't welcome you guys."

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The man waved his hand impatiently. "Because we're not an alliance."

Li Du asked Dickens, "What's going on? Internal strife in Arizona?"

Dickens said indignantly, "Yes, these b*stards are jealous of our gains and don't wanna be with us."

Perplexed, Li Du looked at the people upstairs. "Why is this happening? This time, we're up against the local treasure hunters from Las Vegas, as well as those from other states. All of us from Arizona should be united, right?"

Hans looked at them with squinted eyes and said slowly, "What do you mean, buddies? Has Arizona kicked Flagstaff out?"

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