602 The Small Boy Rival   

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As it was the first time Li Du had to deal with such a situation, he was unclear about what he needed to do. Luckily, Hans was by his side.

Hans used the tip of his elbow to gently nudge him, which implied that he could go up and interact with the other party.

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"Hello, Mr. Ferrari. I am Li, Akkalou's friend."

With that, Li Du shook hands with Knight Ferrari. As this person's surname and style were exalted, it seemed possible that he could be related to Enzo Ferrari, the creator of Ferrari.

Ferrari seemed like a very gentle person. Even though his expression was rather cold, he was very gracious in the way he invited Li Du and his company to sit down and have coffee—just like his nickname, Knight.

Despite that, the others were not as friendly. One of them, who was a middle-aged white man with reddish-brown hair and a large face, sneered, "Are you today's challenger?"

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