309 The Silent Auction

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Big Quinn was vexed at the Human Resources manager when he heard that he could get a pay raise.

Big Quinn had requested for a pay raise numerous times, but the company always rejected his requests outright, citing reasons like poor profits and unfavorable market conditions.

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At one time, the honest Big Quinn had believed that the company was not doing well because of the economic downturn.

Now the company had offered to increase his pay when they realized that they could not keep him. But being honest did not mean that he was foolish. Big Quinn now understood that the company had earlier refused to give him a pay raise because they had been sure that he would not leave the company!

Exasperated, Big Quinn said, "A pay raise? Now?"

Big Quinn was already ferocious-looking to begin with; now that he was angry, his eyes looked so dangerous that the manager was petrified with fear and unable to answer him.

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