105 The Shadows of Bamboo Shoots

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Li Du greeted the two women, but their attention was directed at Ah Meow. They pulled and hugged the ocelot aggressively, just like how soldiers from enemy territory would catch a hostage.

Ah Meow was clinging to Li Du's arm tightly with its little forepaw. However, the two girls pulled off its forepaw from his arm.

The ocelot expressed its unwillingness to be near them on its face.

Hans passed a chocolate to Li Du. He laughed, "You must be very disappointed because I didn't ask Dr. Sophie to come along."

Mr. Li smiled, "No, it is you who must be disappointed."

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Hans had always wanted to pair him up with Hannah, but they didn't feel any chemistry between them. This had nothing to do with their appearances; the two of them were not attracted to each other, so they were destined to be friends.

But Hans did not mind this at all. He worked tirelessly trying to pair up his sister and Li Du.

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