1092 The Secret Underneath the Table

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Seeing that, Princeps expression became distorted.

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Glaring into Carter's eyes, Princeps did look a little scary.

If he had known that Li Du was the one who wanted to buy those tables, he would never have agreed. However, because the man who wanted to buy the tables from him was a regular treasure hunter from Phoenix, Princeps had not given it much thought.

After seeing that Li Du got the tables, Princeps felt angry and upset. He did believe that the warehouse had something worth tens or hundreds of thousands. It was just that he had not been able to find it.

Now that Li Du had acquired the tables, Princeps started to suspect that maybe those tables were valuable items. However, how could those ordinary-looking tables be worth that much?

That was something he could not wrap his head around. In any case, he trusted Li Du's judgment.

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