430 The Secret Collection of the Qing Dynasty

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This auction was considered large as it contained 45 storage units. But the treasure hunters were not discussing the units. They were all talking about what had just happened.

"Those California guys were so unlucky. They had sh*t all over their bodies! But unfortunately I wasn't there to see it."

"I have some pictures here. F*ck, they were too miserable. It's lucky you weren't there. I felt disgusted just looking at them!"

"Oh, my poor California brothers. Why did I feel happy hearing this news?"

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"You're so bad, dude, but I couldn't stop laughing either! Ha! It's so funny!"

Li Du was listening the treasure hunters discussing the incident. Suddenly, someone touched his shoulder from behind.

He immediately turned around. His gaze was clear and cold; he looked gloomy, thinking that someone was looking for trouble again.

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