539 The Search Continues

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After hearing what Owen said, some of the hunters fell into a panic. Cyril was exceptionally frantic. "Impossible! How can this be possible? Since when are opals found so easily?"

Li Du shrugged. "Who knows? I did say it wouldn't be that difficult to find one."

Sophie made a face at the hunters, and chortled in excitement as she said, "Admit defeat. You guys lost, and we won!"

Cyril wasn't willing to admit defeat; the opal that he'd found was worth at least 10,000 dollars, and could probably even fetch 20,000 dollars.

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A gem hunter's job was not as cushy as what Li Du had assumed it to be. To look for gems in the national park, they had to pay the fee of 500 dollars each time before they could conduct an unrestricted search for the following 24 hours.

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